Pre-Pump is defined by what we call “The 3 C’s.” Efficacious dosages of creatine to help increase power, citrulline to help improve blood flow, your pump and nutrient delivery, and lastly carnitine to help utilize body fat for fuel and energy. The 3 C’s can take your workouts to new heights.


Consider it scientifically-formulated rocket fuel – only the kind you can drink safely.

We’ve all been there in the gym, where we’re going through the motions, not really focused, and we leave the gym feeling like we just wasted our time by sandbagging our workout. Then all of a sudden, you’re introduced to the power of Rock Solid Pre-Pump and you’re never the same.


Results matter and for that reason, Rock Solid’s Pre-Pump was carefully formulated using scientifically-formulated ingredients to ensure you maximize your time in the gym. After just the first serving you will feel the power behind the enhanced formula.



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