If you’re serious about your workout and desire a better tasting, lean muscle-building, fat-busting protein source… This is what you’ve been waiting for!


Rock Solid's Whey Iso-Synthesis is scientifically-formulated protein The Rock Solid whey comes from cows that live on a grass-fed, hormone-free diet, the way they have evolved to live.  You can taste the difference!


Whey Protein Iso-Synthesis is a rare, premium-tasting protein that can help you cut fat and build lean muscle. It will also maximize muscle repair, accelerate muscle recovery AND muscle development.


The quick absorption of your scientifically-formulated Whey Protein Iso-Synthesis makes it the perfect post-workout and a Rock Solid replacement for those awful tasting "healthy" snacks. Whey Protein Iso-Synthesis offers low lactose, BCAAs, no aspartame, glutamine and 22 grams of protein per scoop.



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