What is a Medical Membership?

“The Alternative to Traditional Health Insurance”

The rising costs associated with healthcare make it difficult for many individuals to afford and has many seeking alternative options. G&M Medical Center provides an alternative.

Although this is not technically an insurance plan, it provides very similar benefits as a traditional insurance plan, without the skyrocketing costs associated.

With a G&M Medical Membership plan, patients pay a low monthly or annual fee directly to their physician. This allows the patient visits to their physician at G&M Medical Center with low copays and basic medical services or discounted In-House procedures.

Another benefit is the direct Physician/Patient relationship. Patients will have a clear understanding of office visit costs and coverage. This gives the patient peace of mind in knowing they can count on the G&M Medical Center team for their healthcare needs and an alternative to high monthly costs, saving you money! 


G&M Medical Membership Plan Includes:

Quality Care You Can Trust

Membership benefits:

a. Low Copay
b. Discount on in-house lab work and in-office procedures
c. Annual office visits at G&M Medical Center

d. Discounts for advanced payment

Basic healthcare services provided for:

(additional fees may apply)
a. Colds, sore throat, fever, flu-like systems

b. Minor emergencies
c. High blood pressure
d. Children’s Health (0-18)
e. Discounted School and sport physicals
f. Diabetes management
g. Depression / anxiety
h. High cholesterol
i. Women's health
j. Arthritis, joint pain

Non-covered services include, but are not limited to the following:

a. Treatment for:
     1. Cancer treatment

     2. HIV treatment
     3. Pain Management (no narcotics)

    4. Heart attack or stroke
    5. Obstetric Care

b. X-rays, MRI, CT scans, Ultrasounds

c. Immunizations
d. Outside lab work
e. Medications

f. STD testing / Injections 


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